LA Percussion Quartet

Los Angeles Percussion Quartet 12/8/2012

People Inside Electronics presents:
The Los Angeles Percussion Quartet
Saturday, December 8th - 8:00pm
Atwater Crossing

3245 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
$20, Students/Seniors $15

In conjunction with the members of the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet – Matthew Cook, Justin DeHart, Eric Guinivan, and Nick Terry – we present an evening of new music for percussion and electronics. The full program explores the rich sonic variety of the percussion ensemble, with inventive instrumentation and imaginative uses of electronic sound. James Tenney’s classic atomic bomb protest piece Pika-Don incorporates writings from scientists and survivors alike. In John Cage’s ecologically-inspired Inlets, amplified conch shells blend with recorded sounds of the natural world, while in Daniel Lentz’s You Can’t See the Forest, amplified wine glasses mingle with speaking voices. Ben Hackbarth’s Am I a Particle or a Wave? creates a dialogue between two percussionists and an imaginary pianist, and Shaun Naidoo’s Nigerian Spam is an opera of sorts for percussion and electronics that sets the texts of Nigerian scam emails to music. Finally, Isaac Schankler’s Blindnesses, a world premiere, features all four players performing a delicate choreography around one vibraphone.

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The Los Angeles Percussion Quartet is an innovative and dynamic chamber music ensemble whose unique 20th and 21st century repertoire has been called “sublime, visceral, exotic...and aurally stunning”. Entering their fourth concert season, they have pioneered a reputation for creating cutting-edge collaborative projects, commissioning award-winning compositions, recording groundbreaking albums, and delivering educational master classes at leading music conservatories. In 2012, Ripa- khandha became the quartet’s first major label release by Sono Luminus records, and is regarded as the first 7.1 surround-sound recording of percussion chamber music. The LAPQ has appeared in many of California’s distinguished concert series, including Monday Evening Concerts, Music and Conversations, Morrison Artists, April in Santa Cruz, and the L.A. Composers Project. The four members (Matthew Cook, Justin DeHart, Eric Guinivan, and Nick Terry), have trained at leading music conservatories, including Indiana University – Bloomington, UC – San Diego, Oberlin Conservatory, University of Southern California, and the California Institute of the Arts.

James Tenney - Pika-Don for percussion quartet & four-channel electronics
John Cage - Inlets for four amplified conch shells and pre-recorded electronics
Daniel Lentz - You Can't See the Forest for amplified wine glasses, voice, and live electronics
Ben Hackbarth - Am I a Particle or a Wave? for percussion duo and imaginary pianist
Shaun Naidoo - Nigerian Spam for pre-recorded percussion, percussion solo, and live electronics
Isaac Schankler - Blindnesses for 1 vibraphone, 4 performers, and live electronics