The Hear Now Festival Goes Electroacoustic

The Hear Now Festival


We're excited to announce our first collaboration with the Hear Now Festival of New Music by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers this May! This will be Hear Now's first wholly electroacoustic concert and we're thrilled to be a part of it. The program will feature some of our favorite Angeleno composers, including Scott Cazan, Ian Dicke, Vicki Ray, Barry Schrader, Wadada Leo Smith, David Werfelmann, and Gernot Wolfgang.

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 @ 8:00 PM
The Miles Playhouse

1133 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA

(Be sure to also check out the Hear Now concerts on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4!)‎


Scott Cazan: Swallow for strings and electronics

Barry Schrader/Wadada Leo Smith: Wu Xing-Cycle of Destruction for trumpet and electronics

David Werfelmann: What Lies Behind the Rain for piano and electronics

Ian Dicke: Get Rich Quick for piano and fixed media

VIcki Ray: Jugg(ular)ling for piano, violin, percussion and electronics

Gernot Wolfgang: Theremin’s Journey for piano, Theremin, and electronics 



Scott Cazan: is a composer, performer, creative coder, and sound artist working in diverse fields such as experimental electronic music, sound installation, chamber music, and software art where he explores cybernetics, aesthetic computing, and information resulting from human interactions with technology. HIs piece Swallow engages live string performance with acoustic and data feedback, and metal objects.



David Werfelmann: is a BMI Award-winning American composer of instrumental, vocal, and electronic music whose works are widely performed and recorded by some of the nations top ensembles and soloists. What Lies Behind the Rain is an introspective piece that expands the beautiful resonance of the piano with electronically processed recordings. 



Barry Schrader: has been acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times as "a composer born to the electronic medium." Schrader is the founder and director of such concert series as Currents at the Theatre Vanguard in Los Angeles, The CalArts Electro-Acoustic Music Marathon, and SCREAM, The Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music.



Wadada Leo Smith: is a trumpet player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser, and his original theory of jazz and world music has been significant in his musical development as an artist and educator. As an improvisor-composer, Smith has studied a variety of music cultures (African, Japanese, Indonesian, European and American) and developed an original theory and notation system for jazz and world music which he calls Ankhrasmation.


Smith and Schrader join forces for Pacific Light and Water/Wu Xing - Cycle of Destruction, a work in which Smith performs with and against Schrader's electronics, a rare combination of compositional approaches and means blended into a unified whole.

Vicki Ray: long time champion of contemporary music, has more recently begun to compose and arrange pieces for piano, speaking pianist, piano and live electronics (including video), and small chamber ensemble -- to the delight of her audience. Jugg(ular)ling is a musical rumination on the multitasking demanded by modern life, composed for piano, violin, MalletKAT, and video.



Ian Dicke: is a composer inspired by social-political culture and interactive technology.  Dicke is also the founder and curator of the Outpost Concert Series in Riverside, CA and co-directs Fast Forward Austin, a music festival held annually in Austin, TX. His piece Get Rich Quick riffs on various email scams to which we've all been subjected. 



Gernot Wolfgang: has so far received 35 commissions from organizations such as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, as well as from individuals like pianist Joanne Pearce Martin, who commissioned Theremin's Journey for Theremin, piano and electronics.  Wolfgang is also active in the film, TV, and video game music industry as a composer and orchestrator. You'll hear an homage to Miles Davis' Bitches' Brew, and the Theremin's otherworldly sound.